Saturday, February 3, 2018

How To Buy The Best Dreadlock Removal Products

People sometimes want to grow out their hair and turn it into dreadlocks. Either for fashion or just for the experience, it can be quite the task. Now, let’s say you got them and you want to get rid of them. Your options include cutting, shaving or using dreadlock treatment products. You can also try visiting dreadlock salons in Johannesburg to get a better understanding of how to maintain and then remove your dreads.

How to remove dreadlocks or how to detangle severely matted hair are the most common questions people ask around. When you feel like it is time for you to remove your dreadlocks, you should know that there are several dreadlock removers. There are some of the best dreadlock removal products in Johannesburg too. If you visit a salon as mentioned earlier, you can check the dreadlock removal price as well to see if it fits your budget.

There are a few things you must keep in mind when you head out to buy the best dreadlock removal products. First off, are you willing to put in the time and effort to get your dreads removed all by yourself? Secondly, there’s going to be hair loss and extended hair length - will you get a haircut and a treatment to maintain it?

Now, when you’re going to buy a good dreadlock product, you must look for a couple of things. The product needs to be a kit with multiple products in it like a strong shampoo, a strong conditioner, and a removal balm, at least. The strong shampoo is to wash off whatever could be stuck to the hair. The strong conditioner is to help relax the dreads and make the hair manageable. The removal balm is necessary to further remove the dreads and smoothen the hair.

Products like Take Down Remover Cream is one way how to make dreadlocks easier to remove. It comes with a shampoo, conditioner, and a removal balm. But before you use the product, you need to prep your dreads. Wash them two or three times a week for at least a couple of weeks with a good shampoo and a conditioner. This building up to the main event of using a dreadlock removal product will help your hair retain its good quality and health.

You must use very hot water when you use the dreadlock remover so the hair is more manageable. Hair loss is inevitable but repairable. Once your hair has smoothened out, get a good hair treatment. A good tip is to get your hair trimmed. Regular shampooing and conditioning will help maintain the health of your hair. By doing so, you will also avoid your hair forming dreads again.

Getting dreadlocks is fun but removing it takes a lot of time, effort and commitment. Do it only when you’re really ready. The market today has some of the bestdreadlock removal products too. Remove your dreads and easily manage your hair.   Luke 1:37  All Things Are Possible With God.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

TAKE DOWN Remover Detangler Cream

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These are the types of clients that we train hairdressers how to safely detangle very matted tangled hair, remove, restore hair loss and damage from hair extensions,braids,weaves,fusion,bonding glue, or hair neglect due to sickness or depression.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Training Seminars For HairBraiding, HairExtensions, Dreadlocks, HairWeaving Removal

We are certified by the Take Down Hair Education Program to provide certified training of product knowledge and education on the proper removal of bonding glue, hair attachments, braiding, hair weaving/hair extensions, dreadlocks (real or artificial),  fusion micro bonding, bonding glue, and very tangled/matted hair.

A large number of hairdressers do not know how to properly and safely remove these hairstyles. This information that we teach is not provided in standard Cosmetology  curriculum's. 
Our seminars are Intense hands-on training.  Therefore host must provide models with old ( 4 weeks and up) Braids, Bonding glue, Hair Extensions, Dreadlocks(real or artificial), and Hair weaving during the class training to demonstrate and teach removal techniques.

We provide FREE seminars only to Cosmetology Schools who are interested so that once their students complete their hairdressing/barbering courses, they are equipped as effective professionals in cosmetology.
Prices for seminars and training depend on schedules. We offer 1,2 and 3 day training schedules.  We require a class minimum of 10 people.  We will provide all the needed materials and products.

Our Calling is to remind each customer to refrain from taking for granted the beautiful hair that God has blessed him or her with.

Saving and preserving your clients hair is the key to our training program.And this process has to start with the hairdresser who puts a hairstyle on their customer and after 1-3 months must remove the hairstyle without any hair loss or damage.  We provide these seminars and training to students as well-so that once they complete their hairdressing/barbering courses, they are equipped as effective professionals in cosmetology.

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